Family Connections – Cape Town Bed & Breakfast


Every day, and again, my brother Leo, my sister Nell, and I depart from family quality time. I don’t think it’s normal for every family, but for us, it’s a good way to keep family bonds strong.
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They both live in Pretoria, so this year they decided to go down to Cape Town for a week. We checked out in Cape Town’s bedroom and after breakfast, the Quarters. It is a beautiful modern village, which is in ruins of De Urtsan.
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The city…

On our first day, I decided that I was going to show them in Cape Town and the surrounding area. But now it was actually more visual than actually getting to know the city.
For Nelly, this was a slightly disappointing trip. He has always been one of the most interesting of us, with a passion for history. So when we drove a historical monument or museum, he wanted to erect it, but Cape Town has a lot of monuments and museums, so I had to promise him that we would make a special Cape Town historical tour by the end of the week. For the time being, though, we were on the road to Calcutta Bay.
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Kalk Bay is one of my favorite little spots. It is a fishing village on the coast of False Bay. We had good Kalk Bay food, fresh fish and chips right next to the port. I think the reason the city is so popular is because of its atmosphere. It always seems to be quiet. Kalk Bay, of course, is also known for its second-hand shops and antiques. It was from these stores that Leon discovered the Mario Lanzas LP collection. Most people will no longer listen to opera and will have no idea who Lanza is, but in our family opera and classical music they played a major role in our upbringing. Of course, he bought all five of the LP.

Family dinner …

After a long day’s drive, we finally made our way to the quarters. We all opted for a lazy and relaxed mood and in such a great way. Regardless of the similarities between braille and barbecue, I think and am convinced that every South African state also does that braille just tastes barbecue. But the disagreements aside, we were all sitting around the fire having a good conversation. We only see each other once a year, so when we have time together, we always spend time talking about the more important things in life. Home life, work and of course current love interests.

After a hearty meal of steaks and salads, we sat outside on the balcony just enjoying the view and the night time. It was ten, but we were still in deep conversation. A lot has happened this year. Personally, I changed jobs and moved twice. Nell and Leo, though still working for the same companies and staying at the same address, went through other things. In our family it is true that “blood is thicker than water”; For our two sisters and brothers, each with very different personalities, we know each other well, and where we stand together thanks to our parents.

Castle of Good Hope

As promised, we had a cultural day that begins at the Castle of Good Hope. My sister, Nell, seemed to be a kid in a candy store who was watching every sight. The castle is the oldest original national monument not only in Cape Town but also in South Africa. Built by our fathers, the Dutch, it is still well preserved. As we walked through the monument, Nell gave us additional information about the construction of the monument and the story behind it.

What I realized was the castle there was almost like the symbol of a bond between me and my family. Although much of its interior design and surroundings have changed, the actual building is still intact and unchanged. After about two hours in the castle, we soon made our way to Iziko’s museums.

One thing that was once overlooked about Cape Town is how rich it is in history. Most people come to Cape Town because it is rich in culture, people and most of all, because Cape Town is known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. While all of this is true, I love Cape Town because of its diversity. Cape Town is motherhood, and we are her children.

After our long informative historical day, we went back to bed and had breakfast again. This is really the time when you value this city, when you are with those you care about the most, and staying in bed and breakfast really lets you feel the culture first, even if you are not in South Africa !