Bed & Breakfast vs. Hotel Rest. Feeling the difference


Although the comparisons between bed and breakfast and hotels largely depend on who makes the comparison, one thing is certain: The world is just full of rich treasures, beautiful souls and interesting people. Great playwright Henry Miller said this.
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And when we understand why you’re traveling first, Miller’s words give us reason to think about why travelers should consider staying in B&B on their next trip.
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First, let’s talk a little about hotels. Of course, everything is in place, and the main feature of many (though lacking for others) is their predictability. That is, some travelers want the hotel in common. All rooms are the same from location to location, with very little difference from their home environment. For some, especially for nightlife travelers, this kind of predictability is a comfort that is relevant to the purpose of their visit. Where they stay is not important in the scheme of things.
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However, for many travelers, where they stay is significant. For them, it’s the world of Miller’s rich treasures they are looking for. Running away from the public is not only a wish, but a goal, and the hotel room’s cookie-cut sterilization is not for them. For those who want a unique travel experience, the B&B experience is the perfect place. People who have stayed on a B&B trip know this, which is why staying at a B&B is an important part of the trip.
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Why stay in a B&B instead of a hotel?

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  1. Each B&B is a unique living experience. No two B & Bs are alike.
  2. B&B announcers are great concierge with no extra charge (hotel concierge service usually costs quite a small fee). They are able to guide you to popular sights and restaurants, as well as local diamonds found on the beaten path.
  3. The decorations are charming, the environments comfortable, the linen good, and the breakfasts homemade. Some B & Bs will have early evening wine and cheese or a special tea time included during your holiday.
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  5. B&B is an experience – part of that rich bookmarking world. An atmosphere that keeps your travel spirit alive throughout your journey. A hotel just can’t be these things.

Again there are reasons that some travelers choose hotels, and that is why hotels have their place. However, if the reason for traveling is to avoid the mundane, discover beautiful places, beautiful souls, find interesting people, then staying at B&B is a good fit for you.
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Remember, like hotels of choice, the choice of B&B often makes magazines in advance. It is a good idea to plan ahead by visiting B & B sites where you go. Unlike hotels, you will be able to have a good look at the room pictures you prefer to stay at. Make your choice, book your room. The experience of staying at a B&B is one you will want to have again and again.