How is a bike ride worth more than 3K in FK ads?


Why should a bike trip cost more than 3K FCC ads?

A bike tour for your guests is not worth $ 3,000. It doesn't even get about $ 200. However, although hotels and resorts are only moderately priced for cyclists, they are worth much more than one might imagine.

Guests organize a bicycle tour to discover the landscape, gain a better understanding of the culture and connect with local citizens. Most guests are unaware that they are actually acquiring a brand new experience that they will spend a long time with. Offering a bicycle tour is not just another service, but one of the best opportunities you can have for establishing a very strong relationship with guests or at least strong memories.

Bike tour is an event. It's exciting, more or less exhausting, fun and cool. It creates joy and connects it to the group. People get to know each other and start communicating. They tell stories and share emotions and passion. Overall, it's a fun activity that has a very positive effect.

People love to take photos, make videos, relax in a nice place and enjoy time with each other while walking. Pictures and videos are taken to remember special moments. Therefore, the bike tour will see many different people, and participants will tell their story again and again. Of course, they do talk marketing (essentially free). The reason why they do this is simply related to the joy the cycling tour has brought to their lives.

Thus, such a small event has great potential, and often exceeds one's expectations. In addition, it often surpasses all of your great services combined with fun factor and activity.

As I mentioned before, such a cycling tour is very powerful in terms of your image and uniqueness. It is impossible to imagine how far the message of these experienced events is going. Your event could reach the other side of the world with one common image.

As soon as you are aware and fully aware of the tremendous positive results of a cyclist's tour, you should consider offering a very low cost or even free ride. In the long run you get a lot more, though you don't charge anything for the tours.

I suggest thinking about it for some time; Imagine a bike tour, where to go, where to rest, where to take photos / videos, where to have a snack, where to have chat rooms, and more. Build your mind and really think about how many guests you can attract by offering bike tours that are cheap or free. Maybe your tours will become so popular that people will come to your place just to experience one that is unique.

After a few successful cycling tours you can think of integration surprises, end-of-the-year gifts, photo booths, access to only VIPs and other interesting gadgets and gadgets. This activity can greatly improve your housing classification.