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Paris, bars and restaurants in Derry.

O & # 39; Donnell's Bar

This bar is conveniently located along the waterfall site in the center of Derry City, the City of Culture – the main inn and bar.

This is an exclusively famous traditional Irish bar known worldwide; it attracts huge numbers of tourists every year.

This bar plays traditional live, vibrant and contemporary Irish music every night and several evenings. The music is very fun and enjoyable. It is close to Derry's self-contained accommodation.

The bar consists of three Peadar bars: Gweedore and Gweedore above.

Gweedore is more up-to-date in the music played by bands there than Peadar & # 39; s bands. This music is more comfortable and is aimed at people of all ages.

Above Gweedore is more of a nightclub, unlike the other two bars, it selects discos in the evening and is geared towards a mixed age group.


Located just off the famous historic walls of Derry City, it is an ideal place for a relaxing evening enjoying the beautiful views and architecture of the city. A short drive to the outskirts of Bogdad B&B.

It is a few minutes' walk from the town of Culture, shopping centers, clothing boutiques, beauty salons and sightseeing, for example: Guild Square.

The Metro Bar consists of reasonable prices, a kitchenette, and cheap drinks. Lunch is served daily.

Almost every corner of the spring has a television set, perfect for watching a football match surrounded by a range of food and drinks, all at extremely competitive prices.

The subway bar is also perfect for a night's rest, featuring the latest music and classics from famous DJ Smitty and Jim Healy. Located in Derry's luxurious self-contained apartments after a good stay.

Sugar Night Club

Sugar is one of the most popular nightclubs in Derry City for all age groups, it is part of Downtown Bar Complex. Open four evenings a week.

A recently renovated club with a wonderful modern twist, the two main levels of which consist of a large bar and dance floor.

The first floor has a large dance floor and bar, where the DJs come and perform parties, dance party music that will keep you dancing all night long, which can be heard throughout the club.

The second floor has a smaller dance floor, a seating area and a bar. It is spread out in the beer garden, which also has a bar, which is ideal for sitting and chatting with friends in a more secluded environment, with a hint of party atmosphere.

Derry's B&B is within easy reach.


This bar has a luxurious modern retro theme, it consists of two main floors, the lower floor is a large bar area where you can go in and out with friends and drink at great prices.

If you want a more fun evening filled with great music ranging from azz az to blues to rock, gifted to you by a well-known DJ from around the world

then the second floor of Sandino is the place for you, it's more of a nature night club than the lower first floor of Sandino.

Sandino & # 39; s located right in the heart of Derry, a city of culture, it is perfect for a great and fun evening out with friends.

Sandino & # 39; s for all age groups, there is something for everyone at this bar / nightclub.

This bar is conveniently located near various taxi stops and takes away.

It has a wonderful calm atmosphere and it has the sweet Irish charm.

Becketts is a wonderful and fun evening bar right in the heart of the center of Derry.

It offers a great music venue that is fundamentally different, you can be assured that two nights will not be the same.

Tuesday night is salsa.

Accommodation is available from Derry B&B, walking distance from Beckett.

Browns Restaurant, Bar and Brasserie

Brown's restaurant had great reviews from people who came to eat it from everyone.

The menu is carefully crafted with local and fresh produce that offers both quality and creation of the dishes.

The food is affordable for the prices offered to customers over and over again.

The restaurant is tidy and beautifully decorated, and Brown provides meals and dinner with a wide variety of delicious and well-prepared dishes.