Tasting delicious food from superb restaurants


Food is always an important part of every holiday. That is why Dartmouth Holiday Homes are very attractive as they have self-catering facilities with complete kitchen facilities that allow you to cook and prepare your own meals. The furnishings and amenities at Dartmouth Cottages are modern and high quality. However, if you feel overwhelmed while on holiday, you can always go to Dartmut rest houses near various restaurants and cafes. If you're in Dartmouth, there are many restaurants and grocery stores where you can celebrate and enjoy delicious food. French, Italian, up to true English cuisine, all of which can be found in Dartmouth. They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You have to bring the whole family together and spend a special time trying out different delicious cuisines of different restaurants. Orestone Manor, The Le Gendarmerie and Old Bakery are some of the places to go.

Orestone Manor

Spend some time at Orestone Manor for the best classic food. The Foundation boasts of its traditional and authentic English cuisine. The place is furnished in the usual English style and is considered one of the hallmarks of South Devon. It enjoys a great location next to Dartmouth's well-appointed cottages, making it a busy restaurant that sponsors many locals and tourists alike. Making sure you book in advance would be very helpful to make sure you get some guaranteed seats. Restaurant features that everyone should try are Orestone Fish Cake, served with egg-lettuce sauce with olive oil or fried South Devon beef with potatoes and seasonal vegetables. Fill your meals with delicious desserts, such as sweet tasting apples and rhubarb. The venue provides excellent food and service standards due to the impeccable forms and excellent service of their staff.

Le Gendarmerie

It's time to try some authentic French gastronomic delights right in downtown Dartmouth. The French cuisine served at Le Gendarmerie Restaurant is one of the best French cuisines you can ever have. Great dishes are perfectly prepared and cooked to perfection by highly skilled cooks. In addition to serving fragrant food, the excellent service of the friendly staff entices guests to try this restaurant more than once. You can dine here and bring some food to your Dartmouth holiday homes.

Old Bakery Restaurant

Get up from your cozy Dartmouth holiday home and try authentic Italian and French cuisine at Old Bakery Restaurant. Some of the best dishes you should try are grilled eggplant, lamb and parsley skodalia. The restaurant is open from 9am to 11am. It is very affordable from luxurious Dartmouth cottages.