What is a good B&B?


Bed and breakfast are a common sight in most towns and villages, but while there are many, only a few are able to provide high quality services. The problem is: how to distinguish good from bad? The internet is usually the first resource to look for places to stay, but with so many advertising sites, it can often be more of a headache than helpful.

So what do we look for in search? It's easy to cheat on the shocking website of hotels, but often on closer inspection they don't really offer much. So it's important to know what to look for. Below I have outlined some key points you may want to consider when looking for an apartment.

The first thing to look for is their amenities. Do they have parking? Many B&Bs are located on busy roads or in city centers, and you have to pack your luggage within a mile of a parking lot that doesn't charge an hour. Make sure there is a parking space or at least a convenient location for your car. You should also be aware that some places will charge you to leave your car with them, so it is better to check in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Location is always important, and while some B & Bs will advertise in their "city center" or "within easy reach", it is best to check it out for yourself. I have stayed in a few places that say they are within easy reach of local amenities, but just to find out I have a taxi that I want to go somewhere. Google Maps is one of the best ways to avoid this.

Sometimes being too close to a busy city hub can be disadvantageous. The last thing a tired traveler needs is a sleepless night, caused by local barriers and clubs directly outside your window. Look for a place just off the main roads of the city center. Residential streets are usually the best as they tend to be quieter.

When calling a hotel to check availability, ask which amenities are included in the room. It consists of: If not, ask how many rooms are in the bathroom. I would suggest that more than three rooms sharing one bathroom are too many and can cause long delays in the morning.

Tea and coffee making facilities are a must, and they should be standard even in a poor-quality hotel or B&B, but accept that they will. Other services that I consider to be absolute should be a TV, coat hangers, a desk and a full-length mirror. If all of this isn't provided, I'm just looking elsewhere.

Extra services like Wi-Fi are now becoming more and more important for the modern traveler. Most businesses will charge a fee for using their internet services, and if that is acceptable, there are some good places that will offer it for free.

The often overlooked view of hotels and B&B is where rooms are inside the building. Stairs can be problematic for some people, but even a healthy and fit young man may not want to climb five flights of stairs every time they go to their room. If you are upstairs, make sure they have an elevator.

The price of bed and breakfast can mean different things to different establishments. Personally, I think the bed and breakfast should include a fully prepared breakfast (with a vegetarian alternative), but some only provide a continental menu. Unfortunately, as long as you haven't stayed at the facility before, it's hard to say in advance what the quality of breakfast will be. Probably the best way to avoid the worst places is to check online reviews, being one of the best at www.tripadvisor.com.

After all, it's no secret that these days the economy has made most of us a little more cruel than our spending. However, this does not mean that lower living costs should reflect the quality of service you receive. It is quite possible to get all of the above for less than £ 50 per night.