Go to Pub Hopping in Weston-Super-Mare


Weston-Super-Mare Spacious Vacation Homes are ideal for anyone traveling to Weston-Super-Mare for their vacations. You might prefer to donate a book to one of the self-catering holidays if you want to make your own meals during the holiday. The advantage of staying in spacious Weston-Super-Mare cottages is that you are never far from the famous Weston attractions. You can book one of Weston-Super-Mare's cozy holiday homes online and be sure you have a great place to stay during your vacation. Here are some of the tavernas you can visit while enjoying your stay at Weston Super Mare.

Old Manor Inn

Welcome to the Weston-Super-Mare Fun Hot Tavern. This is one of Weston's hottest pubs and one you should not miss while staying at the magnificent Weston-Super-Mare holiday homes. The Old Manor Inn has a fun, lively atmosphere, which is great if you want to spend the evening enjoying yourself or making new friends. The tavern has a wide selection of drinks and delicious, mouth-watering food. Food is available from 12 noon to 9 pm Monday through Sunday. If you are going to take your kids to this tavern and if they happen to be on school holidays, they can eat for free. Now it's a great offer for all families on vacation in Weston during school holidays.

Dragon Inn

Another popular Weston pub is the Dragon Inn. This is located in Meadow Street, one of the places where you can stop while staying in luxury Weston-Super-Mare resorts. If you love steak then this is the place for you. There are a number of delicious, made and refined steaks in the tavern. A 28-year-old ripe rib with chickpeas, chips, flat mushrooms and tomatoes is a good choice. Another popular steak is the 35-day-old Aberdeen Angus truffle steak served with a potato jacket. There are also several burgers to choose from. There are also many delicious vegetarian dishes in the tavern for those who want to cut calories. In the tavern there are drinks such as drafts, cereals, beer, vinegar, spirit and wines. You can have a few drinks or a few drinks for the kids. Try cocktails in a tavern; you will be glad you did. If you do not want to drink alcoholic beverages, you can try the beautiful hot coffins in the tavern. This is one of the places where you can sit and enjoy an evening at a Weston-super-Mare vacation.