The Sharing Economy Helps the Travel Industry Five Ways:


Recent years have seen the rise of the equity economy as a fairly successful business model worldwide, which has allowed many people with little business experience to participate and make money in many different areas. which has significantly stimulated world economies and even created completely new industries such as pool exchange and microfinance.

In particular, one industry where it has helped the tourism industry. No more hotel or bed and breakfast to participate. People who have a spare bedroom or a vacation home can now easily become their own bosses or at least get some extra income from their empty seats, and this has led to many unexpected but positive changes in the travel industry. Below are five important ways in which travelers can particularly benefit from the tourism industry's shared economy model.

1. More access to beaten areas
As the sharing economy has expanded globally, it means that many previously unknown or obscure places are now relatively easy to access by travelers looking for a unique travel experience. In the past, if there was no hotel or village or bed and breakfast, it was quite difficult to visit and stay, and often meant that travelers could only pass by. But now with the opportunity to stay in a local home or apartment, these small destinations are quickly becoming accessible to travelers, which has made traveling a much more exciting and enriching experience. Researchers no longer confine themselves to larger and more well-known sites. Now the whole world is becoming an easily studied oyster.

2. Opportunity to live on the spot
As ordinary people have begun to turn their homes, apartments, or vacation rentals into economies that are accessible to all travelers around the world. it has changed a lot of travelers to live in a place like local. as resorts in many countries that are accessible to sharing economies testify to the local traditions of architecture, decor and home. In Scandinavia, be sure to find two fights on the bed carefully, or travelers in Bali will be happy to know that most homes have their own showers outdoors.

3. Self-knowledge of local cultures and websites
When travelers participate in sharing economy by locating with locals: they often get an underground dig and tips from the best restaurants, museums, shops, and other places that often miss out on tour guides. Many of the hosts are happy to share their personal suggestions for things to see and do, many of which go out of their way to beat the most popular tourist attractions. This is especially useful in places that are not well known or don't know many guides.

4. Cheap Budget Affordable Travel Facilities
Budget travelers who are on a tight budget can enjoy the convenience of shared accommodation, which is the basis for a shared tourism economy. Much more comfortable than a hostel, many travelers can get a room or a private room in a family home at a much lower price than a hotel or entire apartment. This has the added bonus of often sharing meals together and gaining an intimate experience of what everyday local families are like.

5. A network of friends based on trust and accountability
There are many benefits to participating in a Travel-based Shared Economy. those who use local settlements on their weekends will benefit from meeting and befriending local people, a connection that builds a trust network that can be found all over the world. Often many who use local communities are more than ready to return their favor to those who have hosted them or at least are willing to provide local information and advice to their former hosts. This creates large networks of friends that can spread around the world and create an intimate and trusted set of relationships that unite travelers from all over the world.


Notes independently. About becoming a lighthouse hotel


We wanted to see if there could be a beacon home for the groom. We organized a visit to East Brother Island and its popular light station, just 30 minutes from San Francisco. Join us, this might just be your cup of tea.

Where are we?

East Brother Island is in the San Pablo Bay, which joins the San Francisco Bay.

East Brother Light Station is led by a nonprofit conservation group, Richmond, which was authorized by the Coast Guard in 1980 to restore and maintain an active light station.

The organization has many volunteers to help with maintenance, and most bills pay for renting five of the island's four bedrooms four days a week.

Reaching the island

After a series of emails, we arranged to meet and interview a beacon fiancée on East Brother Island.

On Monday morning we were expecting less than a luxurious sailboat to the port of San Pablo as our captain / homerunner drove to the port of the island's aluminum competition.

Before we could sail the ship, the captain first assisted the guests who were leaving the island. Visitors had to enjoy their island experience, as everyone laughed and continued as if they were old friends.

After the performances, our host started the engine and left the port, a short 10-minute drive to the island.

He immediately gave us a briefing on what to expect when we arrived at the port. He described how we would be required to climb the stairs of a very vertical stainless steel pool that extends from the deck of the ship to the landing point joining the island. Depending on the channel, the uplift can be up to 12 feet. Think about it before making reservations if you are not physically able to climb the ladder. In addition, the island is unfortunately unable to comply with the ADA.

Island Buildings and Facilities:

The one-story island, besides the Victorian Lighthouse of 1874, has two grape buildings. The old vacant factory turned into a cozy woodsman's cottage, and the houses in the other building were the equipment needed to run the fog.

The island has electricity supplied from the continent by a submarine cable, and a self-regulating water system that holds about 90,000 gallons of water stored in a white-covered underground reservoir and above ground redwood reservoir.

Due to the ever-present danger of water scarcity in the Bay Area, there are no tours where guests can stay only one night. No one seemed to mind the inconvenience.

After collecting our photographic equipment and climbing the steep ramp between the pier and the island, the captain guided us to the first building we encountered, containing cars to operate the fog. To our advantage, he pushed the diesel generator and gave us a live performance of the horn.

Becoming an Island Innkeeper

We soon found out that the landlords had only been the keepers of the lighthouses for ten weeks, and as a result of this writing they had already moved on to their next adventures. Keeping a lighthouse is a fun, but demanding job, and the turnover is quite large, but that is probably not a big issue for stakeholders.

How many people would like to spend a Victorian bed and breakfast on the tiny island of California with a good salary, room and board, seals, polics, and the five-star skyline of San Francisco? Well, it's a lot.

We are told that the number of applicants for a job is usually large, but there are serious knock-out factors in the job application.

An applicant must be an excellent cook and be able to prepare and deliver meals for ten tables.

Another qualification is that one of the applicants must have a commercial coast guard boat operator license.

After all, both of those in the prospective sky must be charming. Now we go somewhere.

About Work:

In the case of East Brother Light Station, the island is open four nights a week, starting on Thursday.

Preparing for guests:

On Wednesday morning, foresters make land purchases to provide up to 5 guest rooms for up to 40 guests (5 rooms x 2 guests x 4 nights). They choose menu menus, pick up mail, laundry, fuel, and anything else they need for the upcoming island week.

On Thursday morning, they return to the island by boat, unloading their cargo on a large wire cart waiting for the elevator, and rotating the cart with a steep ramp that links the island to the island. They unload and store supplies and prepare the island for visitors.

One day with guests

Immediately after noon on Thursday, at 4pm, the assigned captain / guard returns to the Marina port of Pint San Pablo for yacht seating for guests on Thursday evening.

Returning to the island, the hosts tour with champagne-themed horses and show guests their rooms.

Visitors then have plenty of time to explore the tiny island and enjoy the sea birds, animals, and mythical scenes before dinner.

Dinner is served to visitors with an excellent perennial meal of the finest fresh ingredients.

All guests are seated at one large table, which enables them to become comfortable and socialize.

Friday morning everyone will be coming soon, but a modest delicious breakfast awaits all guests. Sorry for the overnight guests who now have to return to their motherland to resume their daily lives.

After transporting guests and their luggage to the mainland port, the captain returns to the island to help his partner clean up and prepare for new guests Friday evening.

Saturday and Sunday are repetitions of Thursdays and Fridays.

After saying goodbye to the guests at the end of the week on Monday morning, the forest manager returns to the island and things that cannot be completed during the working week.

Later in the day, foresters wash their laundry with empty bottles and dump the trash into the island's wire. The cart pulls to the opposite end of the island and descends and descends the waiting ship on the island. Gardeners leave for port, unload cargo and begin a deserving Tuesday on a weekend.

It's not for everyone

The innkeepers at East Brother Light Station live a romantic life filled with guest kudos, fresh air, sun, seas and seals. There may be some of our readers who can trade there. Life is short, you might want to try. However, we decided not to.

Happy traveling.


Find a Rustenburg B&B Accommodation & Accommodation for Rustenburg


Stay at Rustenburg B&B or Rustenburg Hotel. Read on and you will understand that you need to visit a hospitable resort.

Rustenburg means a "resting place", reportedly the fastest growing city in the world, as well as the largest platinum mines in the world.

Rustenburg is located in the north-western province of South Africa. It is ideally warm and free of malaria. Rustenburg is a safe area and only a short drive away, both from Johannesburg and Pretoria (Tshwane).

Rustenburg offers you a beautiful game / safari experience with the opportunity to enjoy the South African Big 5, the abundance of bird life, the beauty of nature and the opportunity to enjoy some relaxation. Local game drives can be organized or driven around the city to try and learn a little about the city and local history. Explore Rustenburg's culture and people. Dine at local restaurants or host your guests, whether meals can be arranged at your Rustenburg B&B (bed and breakfast) or at the Rustenburg Guest House.

In addition to the natural sights, the area features beautiful luxurious, very accessible and magnificent sights in Rustenburg – Rustenburg B&B (Bed and Breakfast) and Rustenburg hotels. These are made and decorated in such style and class. Staying in one of them is an experience in itself. You will know about the high quality treatment offered in Rustenburg.

It is close to the main nodes, but still far enough away to feel at ease, at peace, and in that country.


Visit Marrakesh for the most extraordinary holiday in Morocco


In Morocco, there are ancient houses that have turned into magnificent small, boutique hotels called Riads.

Built with mud and clay, these homes are almost perceptible to the outside, except for a small door, but immediately after you enter, there is a party for the senses. Trees, flowers, and fountains open to the open-air courtyard, surrounded by rooms on all sides.

In general, the kitchen and rest areas are on the first floor. In Morocco, they often use living room sofas as bedding at night.

Upstairs there are small bedrooms with balconies that open to the courtyard.

Secrecy is not really valued in Morocco, except between genders, so women and girls will have their own room, and boys and men are better off, except for married people, clothes and maybe jewelry.

Visionaries have turned these old homes into hotels that are absolutely delightful to experience. They have recycled their most beautiful tile work and tapestries, furniture and textiles. There is a temporary luxury that feels divine.

Traditional breeds are mostly found in ancient cities, or: Medinasfrom cities. Walking the streets you literally walk between empty walls, but behind these walls there is an amazing hidden world, full of bouquets and games.

As you explore the city during the day, you can experience the rhythm of Moroccan life with basses and acrobats and an incredible array of exotic crafts, food, fragrances and design. It's easy to be overwhelmed by the variety of colors and sounds and scents … so when you return to your day at night, you will enjoy the mysterious peace and tranquility of the exciting, relaxing and unpublished day of your study.

Jez is a center of ancient knowledge and spirituality. It is more than a thousand years old, and has the largest free car zone in any city in the world, due to its narrow streets. Your competition is donkey carts (see your step) and cookies and sweets.

Marrakesh is an ancient desert oasis in the middle of the country, set against the high Atlas Mountains. Using Marrakesh as a base, you can explore the Berber villages in the high mountains, or take a day trip to the coast of Esauira, or spend your days wandering around the ancient market, called Suc, find your perfect souvenirs.

Everyone who visits Morocco is amazed. When are you going to come and find out what gives you the most signal?


Sleeping around


Don't get me wrong, I love my own bed. However, as often as possible, I slip into B&B for some serious bathing of my body and soul. What's so special about some B&B companies, while others are just a place to stay? Gardeners.

Good hosts always think in front of their guests. If it rains, they will meet you in the car with a huge umbrella to take your bags and keep you dry. When you return from dinner, the icy water will be on your bedside table and your bed is off. Breakfasts are the least continental snack. They are great experiences and serve your convenience. I stayed at a B&B that had my last name on the bath towels; I will never forget the sense of that importance.

Good hosts provide retreat. Common areas invite you to sit and relax; the grounds call for you to come out and enjoy. B&B is useless, but you never see anyone polluting or cleaning up. How do they do it?

The difference between a B&B and a hotel is great for me. I think the hotel is a quieter hotel with more rooms than B&B, but less than a hotel, and the hotel is not very personal. To be included in my description of the B&B, there must be less than twelve rooms, serve breakfast for the whole course, and the hostesses will be there to find you and welcome you and to see your every need.

Many mistakenly think that they will be uncomfortable at B&B, feeling that they are invading someone else's house, which is not right. You have to feel like a well-deserved guest and that they want you to enjoy their B&B. Many gardeners either live in a B&B or in a converted garage or barn. I like to know their right there, but not in my face as I sit by the fireplace enjoying a book and a glass of wine. They seem to feel like I want to talk about being left out, which is so nice.

While staying at the B&B you will find some that anticipate your needs more than others, and some simply radiate luxury. Keep good notes and make recommendations to your traveling friends. My favorite B&B companies are The Riverbend Inn in Chochorua, NH, Milliken House in Eastikport, Maine, Lime Rock Inn in Rockland, Maine, Dexter Brewster Inn , Deine, Maine and Berry Manor Inn in Rockland. You just can't go wrong with this fabulous B&B.


Bodnant Welsh Food Center, Wales, United Kingdom


Bodnant Welsh Food Center has established itself as one of the leading destinations in the UK food industry. Visiting means getting involved in a wonderful culinary experience like no other.

The complex, among others, has a working farm, a wine cellar and a delicious restaurant. The center is a testament to Wales' regional food and growing passion for its production. It occupies 18th-century stone buildings that form part of the stove farm property. This Welsh food hub aims to attract both tourists and locals with its many foods and drinks. At Bodnant you can embark on a true blue Welsh food tour, whether you choose to visit for a few hours or all day. This award-winning center is located in the Convi Valley, where the breathtaking landscape of Snowdon serves as a worthy backdrop.

The first order of your business may very well stop at the center's farm shop. Here you are guaranteed to find the best local meat and dairy products in the country. Head to the dairy section, and pick up not only local milk but some of the best dairy products such as handmade cheese, yogurt and ice cream. The local bakery, on the other hand, regularly produces fresh traditional and seasonal breads. Some of the best sellers are Welsh cakes and Barra Britt.

And just when you think you've died and gone to heaven to eat, you'll soon realize that the journey is just beginning. The next part worth considering is the beekeeping site where sweet and healthy honey and honey lotions are produced. In fact, such a site is welcomed as the National Beekeeping Center of Wales. Be sure to plan your visit at the right time of year to see the bees that are active.

One of the most popular parts of Bodnant Welsh Food Center is a wine shop that sells not only the finest local wines, but also products that come from the world's largest wine regions. Just don't flip around. Go to a wine tasting and food pairing session to make the visit more memorable.

Visiting Bodnant is not just about eating, but about the whole Welsh culinary adventure. The Centre's culinary school, which runs from one to four days, is offered by the best Welsh cooks throughout the year. You can choose to learn how to cook and cook local fish or bake that perfect cake for the family to enjoy. But if you really don't have time for any lesson, at least enjoy a satisfying meal at the center's premiere restaurant, Hayloft.

To reach the Bodnant Welsh Food Center, you can take the A55 motorway along the North Wales coast. Another alternative is the train that runs from London to Holyhead. Exit at the Llandudno junction and cross the line to Blenau Ffestignog. Apply to stop in Tal-Kafn, located in Bodnant Real Estate Center.

If you feel that a few hours is not enough to fully enjoy the Bodnant Welsh Food Center, consider staying for two or two hours at night in a 5-star property bed and breakfast hotel, set on an 18th-century stove farm.


Tips for the Homestays to Kochi


We all look for the most comfortable accommodation in our journey. Now the trend has shifted to choosing hotels and homes for households. Call it If the household can provide a true sense of home away from home, why go for other options? Most Trave travelers prefer to stay at home because of their comfort and convenience. What you notice about these home days is the affordable prices. Kochi's shopping and tourist hub Kochi is enriched by the welcoming home of tourists.

Housekeeping choices range from staying in heritage homes, colonial bungalows, boats, and so on with your unique travel experience. It is recommended to visit any place, considering the season of the festival. They will offer suggestions and can be a special occasion given the tradition and culture. It is recommended to visit from August to January.

Justifying this, Aditi Devo Bhava, meaning "Guest is God", Kochi's home days are thrilled to please the guest. Some weekends will even want to accomplish the purpose of your trip by organizing other activities: wildlife and home tours, boat trips, motor boat sailing, beach trips, waterfalls, fortresses nearby, and more.

In addition, there are hosts who are even ready to offer guests live cooking lessons if they are interested in trying out the diverse cuisines of Kerala. When choosing a household, consider the companions who travel together. If you're traveling with a family with older people, check out the types of rooms available, and if you go with friends, it's not a big deal until you can get used to it.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a home for your trip to Kochi.

o Make sure your household is not too far from the goals you need to reach

o Weekdays before writing inquiries by phone or online

o Make a travel plan for how many days you will need to stay home

o Check online presence and reviews before checking out

o Be clear about rates and rates, as well as additional taxes

In Ask for amenities like wifi, hot water, pickup, and more.

o Whether they provide vegetarian or non-vegetarian food.

o Always keep the necessary IDs when you enter.

o Cross-checking: Is Budget Charging Beneficial?

o Check for detergents.

o It is recommended to maintain electronic backup

o Get to know the management team and the hosts

o Keep the connection after booking until you reach your destination.

o Try to know the details of transporting other picnic places to your home.

Some Kochi home days offer Ayurvedic spa and related treatments to get full rejuvenation.

This Ayurvedic treatment will bring a refreshing experience as a gift. Along with that, there are several home-based offers of Yoga and Meditation as a special package, including health care in Ayurveda, and arranged for traditional Kerala performances such as Katala, Kalaripayat, etc.


What to look for when exploring travel amenities


The world is constantly traveling. At any given time, millions of travelers check the rooms that were recently used by someone else. A frightening thought, isn't it? Social media has been a key way to influence consumers to be more aware of the quality of residence they choose. To name a few, consumer sites such as TripAdvisor, Google, and B & provide quality information from the consumer experience that is regulated for real content before being published.

Growing populations are small businesses that have and operate bed and breakfasts. The reason for the individual business owner to emphasize this is that they are often also operators and closely involved with the day-to-day procedures that affect the quality of adaptation that the next guest will have. Small forestry entrepreneurs are a group that prides itself on providing a service that will give customers a lasting impression. These consumers are likely to take time to provide honest reviews for future guests.

Beds and breakfasts can be used by more local manufacturers to supplement and supply everyday items used for the comfort of the living room. Local, fresh seasonal produce (strawberries, peaches and apples, etc.), amenities you won't find in big hotels. Often they use high-quality cooks for breakfast that you won't find anywhere else. Room amenities are often provided for the convenience of guests and are equal to or superior to premium hotels in much denser high traffic areas. B & Bs on their own, while most likely going to cost a bit more at night to provide a quality breakfast is a good value. probably freshly cooked.

Consumers planning to travel to hotels will benefit from a few reviews over a period of time: not only the latest. Travelers who give feedback often comment on the cleanliness, hospitality and overall quality of their visit. While recent reviews are good if they are consistently favorable, this is a good sign that the institution is maintaining good practice.

Many places have convenient booking services on their home page. While this is effective, taking a few minutes to talk to someone (like the owner or the general manager) is also a good indicator of quality. It is good to ask detailed questions if you want to know their home practice. For example, if guests have dietary preferences before arriving before reaching management, often their needs can be accommodated, making their visit much more personalized and memorable.


Staying in B&B accommodation


Accommodating real estate and breakfast can be a great alternative to staying in a hotel or traveling to a hotel in general. Almost any destination city you choose within the UK will have some sort of B&B accommodation option to choose from for your stay.

The absolute advantage of bed and breakfast is that your stay will feel more like visiting friends at home than staying at a hotel. Hotels tend to be too formal and often too uniform. Bed and breakfast are more like an atmosphere in a home, often because the B&B is someone's home. In many cases the owners of Bed and Breakfast will also live in it. They will simply have a larger home to suit their personal needs, and will rent rooms to travelers who need to stay in the city. Beds and breakfasts are mostly decorated as if they were someone's home and are much more personal to them than your traditional travels.

The guesthouse can offer you the convenience and luxury of staying in all comfortable hotels, while keeping your stay small and close to home, like the bed and breakfast atmosphere. Holidaymakers often prefer the exterior of their home. Especially if you plan to stay for a few weeks in a particular place, then bed and breakfast can often be a much more comfortable stay than staying at a hotel for which you will pay a comparable price.

In the living room you also have the opportunity to dine on home-cooked meals. B&B & # 39; s are sometimes known for fine dining, which is usually prepared at the request of the visitor & # 39; s order of the visitor, or in some cases, the guest house & # 39; Unlike other establishments that cook for a large number of people, bed and breakfast only occasionally cook meals for you and your companions. Depending on the bedroom and breakfast you choose, dining can often be a time where you can also get to know other travelers and rests at the B&B, and may be a good time to sit down and get to know you. the people behind the house you are currently in.

Many guests will also be able to bring you pets with you. If you are traveling with a pet companion, this can often be invaluable. Bed and breakfast, as they are at home, will often also have an adequate amount of yard space next to their home, which will allow you to allow yourself some access to the outdoors and to exercise rather than spending their days. in a small hotel room.

Bed and breakfast can make staying on your trip a personal affair. At B&B you will have direct contact with the people who work where you are. Since the bed and breakfast guest list is almost always small, you will be able to pay more attention to your needs, and fewer people will have to worry about staying in your place of residence. Often times you will be friends with the owners and owners of your favorite hotel, stay in touch with them while you wait for them to come back to visit them during the tour.

Copyright 2005 S Wander


Customer Friendly Reviews: [For Search Engine Marketing] Causes revenue growth


We are not going to change the mind of anyone who is in charge of marketing or who may have a company. that hints [with star ratings] that show search engine results how important customer feedback is first and foremost as a key component of day-to-day operations.

To discuss how to consider a potential bed and breakfast client, stay in town for a few nights, and try to determine where a good location is within a given city or location.

The situation may be because a group of friends are looking for a concert in town to find a clean place [say] in the King's Cross area of ​​London, UK. As is normal in the technically advanced world we live in today, a quick search of the Internet using Google's search engine will then provide the browser with a list of hotels, beds and breakfasts in the region that will be convenient for the few nights needed.

From the search results it becomes clear that everyone should see the ratings of the respective hotels and other hostels, which are now clearly displayed as in the SERPs, and in addition to the map of the accompanying area that is currently displayed. .

A prospective prospective prospective customer can now follow the link as specified by the bed and breakfast pin, and then the searcher can sometimes see details as well as summaries of recent customer reviews. These reviews are presented as other relevant information about the company as they relate to the entity. This may include hours of operation, physical full address, phone number, and email. Email Address:

We have of course used bed and breakfasts and hotels for this example, but that also applies to restaurants, car dealers, cosmetic surgeons, dentists, veterinary surgeons and other businesses that can now break due to really negative reviews.

As we can see, using company customer reviews in search engine marketing can often be all that is needed to get one to decide where to spend a few nights.

Our view is that business should include customer feedback and hints as a day-to-day business. This will a] provide the business with valuable market research, and b] allow it to gain competitive advantage over its competitors as more and more search engines continue to outperform real customer reviews on their experience with the company.